Why do you like certain photographs? It is interesting to think why a picture would be suitable for you, cause a reaction. With more insight into their own visual "aesthetic" and you have one, you might be a better compass to find the right photographer for your wedding. Or it could be a Greenwich Wedding Photography more fun.

So back to the question of why a particular photo? Subject, surprise, unique point of view, the photo brings back memories, there a lot of things. Sometimes it's just the light. The way the light makes its own statement on the matter. The way it makes you a little differently than you saw yesterday, when the light was different.

Below is one that is part of a series that I've done is - together instead of subjects with an emphasis on the special light of the scene. This was to have my phone on a lake I visited over the years acquired. I've always loved that tree. It is located directly across from the house of a friend. I've shot several times over the years but one night we came in at dusk and it was a whole new tree. Strange and beautiful.

Part of what is happening here is less on the objects around you, and resist more of them into the light. Jeff Ascough - the amazing British wedding photographer - says he walks into a room and look for interesting lighting, building and waiting for something interesting to happen in this light. He has so many awards I think they may have to retire his number won. I was shocked to hear him say that. He has "categorized" as a photojournalistic style shooter. Is not he should / it only records what meanhappens, do not focus on what is beautiful? Well, apparently you can have both.

So here's another mobile photo of something that we all see what is all the time. A gas station. When was the last time they stopped to appreciate a gas station? Just kidding. It is not really a gas station, it is about many different kinds of light.

Because cameras see a little light differently than you do, you can add new photos give insight into the world around you. Firstly, the camera is less concerned with the interpretation of the scene captured by him. You, on the other side predisposed to interpret, mixing with other things like the temperature, you fellows, where you were just what you're thinking about, and all the other complexities of life (or marriage). The camera captures light only. A closer view, that's for sure, but one that gives his own insight.

Now I know that none of the above images were from the wedding. I did that because if you look at wedding photos, which often competes with the content, what does the light. However, this does not mean that the light in a wedding picture does not have some effect. I have a few below, where the peculiarity of light significantly increases the Scene. See if you agree.

So if you look at pictures, including the search for a wedding photographer to see the light. The best estimate it.
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